Jovial at Jimmy’s

Ormonde Shopping Centre is now home to finest sea food and grill establishment Jimmy’s and yours truly, had the pleasure of attending their menu tasting. Jimmy’s, the famous chain known for its prawns has a new home in the South of Johannesburg.



Persons that know me intimately understand how pedantic I am about the notion of being served fresh food at restaurants. I was on cloud 9 as food is no foreign concept to this here establishment. Our starters were cheesy garlic rolls with a light “horiatiki“(Greek) salad. These vegetarian-friendly options were a firm favourite as all in attendance entertained the “Could we have some more of these cheese infused garlic rolls” topic. I am not ashamed to say that I too was part of that train. The ranch dressing that accompanied the salad was too a treat. (Disclaimer: I have tasted many salad dressings that could be described as nothing short of vile so this is worth mentioning). As might be expected this here self-proclaimed full-time plant eater consumed the most salad. The invite read” come hungry” so famished is how I can best describe my state of arrival.


IMG_20181219_204729.jpgThe starters were preceded by what I deem “the greatest cheesy fries I have ever tasted”. Cosmic to say the least. I would drive a fair distance to indulge in these any day. I could have consumed just these, called it a night and still given Jimmy’s Ormonde two thumbs up. These fries were accompanied by the most meticulously prepared and plated prawns. I thought of Julia Child’s quote upon eating my food. “Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not all”. Compliments to all the chefs in the kitchen. A spicy and mild version were served. Both scrumptious and fresh. I had a magical moment in seafood heaven. The prawns really are Killer…..see what I did there. The Omnivores in attendance (everyone BUT me hahaha) were also served some spicy chicken. I must confess though that they looked lovely and everyone was on the “More would be appreciated” train. Our flesh was also paired with some spinach and sweet pumpkin.





The owner and staff are beyond pleasant. Super friendly. Not a dour soul in sight. For all the milkshake lovers out there, fear not for there exists a milkshake paradise in this here eatery. Their milkshakes are DELECTABLE. Choose from a Marshmallow, Bubblegum, Coco Pops, Strawberry Pops, Diddle Daddle and for the chocolate lovers, Ferrero and Raffaello. The Ferrero was my obvious choice. I thought there goes my diet, but this was all eclipsed by the famous phrase, “you only live once”.




I very seldom am impressed at the food served at some of these eateries, even in five star establishments but I really was blown away by Jimmy’s Ormonde. Exceptional, quality food with prices that had me asking if there were any digits missing. Quality, fresh budget friendly food is rare to find. As foodies around will tell you, complain not about cheap food as you pay to merely just satisfy your hunger. If coffee is your addiction then Jimmy’s is your best friend. Their coffee bar boasts flavours I had did not even know existed. Our dessert was malva pudding with custard and some ice-cream and the most orgasmic chocolate brownie and ice-cream combo. Your sweet tooth cravings will definitely be satisfied.


This eatery is for EVERYONE and it caters to most dietary requirements with the inclusion of our Kosher and Halaal population. Décor, minimal yet aesthetically appealing. There is something for everyone at Jimmy’s Ormonde. It is well worth the drive. Fancy the idea of just ordering take-away, no problem.  Your food will be prepared fastidiously with speed. So grab your keys, aunts, uncles, children, nephews, nieces, friends…and annoying cousins and head to Jimmy’s Ormonde. As the saying goes,  “Good food is a good mood”.



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